Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Massive Black Violence at I-X Indoor Amusement Park in Cleveland Requires Huge Police/SWAT Response to Subdue

When stereotypes are proven true and the justification for Jim Crow once existing is provided contemporary proof for our ancestors ingenuity (in protecting their posterity from black dysfunction), it is immediately time for a media black-out. 

Police from all over Cleveland as well as SWAT and fire units were called in over the weekend to assist in subduing black people from exposing the truth academia, the media, the private/public sector and the entertainment industry do everything humanely possible to cover up on a daily basis... that 'the racists' from long, long ago were right about integration the "negro question" all along. [I TEAM: Could chaos at I-X Center been prevented?, Fox 8 Cleveland, 3-28-17]:
CLEVELAND - The FOX 8 I TEAM has obtained police video showing a complete lack of regard for police when hundreds of people started fighting, running, and destroying things at the I-X Indoor Amusement Park. 
And now the Cleveland Police Union President is making a startling claim. Steve Loomis said, "Absolutely could've been prevented. It absolutely could've been prevented." 
The I TEAM reviewed patrol car video from Parma Heights Police. One clip shows people running with several others beating and stomping a man right in front of a sheriff’s van and 3 police cars. Another clip shows a family trying to scramble to safety as children hold hands. 
Steve Loomis says some officers had heard rumblings from multiple sources before the incident warning there could be trouble. However, Loomis said there was no follow-up because no overtime was allowed. He said, “They asked for the overtime to follow up on it and were told no. It's a price tag." 
We went to the head of the Cleveland Police Gang Impact Unit. Commander Gary Gingell said he does not believe gangs were to blame for what happened. And, he hadn’t heard about any prior intelligence. Gingell said, "As far as anything else about intelligence or anything, I know my sergeant didn't know anything. I don't know what to tell you." 
Cleveland Police say they had gang detectives working Saturday night. But they were on the east side, not the I-X center. Although they went there once the trouble started. And police say those gang detectives arrested three people in the I-X Center crowd getting guns out of a vehicle. 
Loomis said, "They're throwing chairs at each other." He is calling on the I-X Center to hire more off-duty officers on a regular basis. Late Monday, the I-X Center announced it would, in fact, start having more officers, guards, and even gang investigators on hand. 
That police video shows officers responded with batons and even riot sticks in their hands as they rolled up to a chaotic scene unsure of what they’d be facing.And again, some in the crowd went wild even with police lights flashing and a police camera recording them from just feet away. 
More stories on the I-X Center fight here
We win, in the end.

We win, in the end, when we smile and remember the most important sentence ever constructed in human history: "the racists were right all along."

The more time slips into the future, the more evidence we have to support the most important sentence ever constructed in human history is an irrefutable fact.

Look in mirror and say it after me: "the racists were right all along."

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

..."people are afraid to come into the city”: Sports Bar in Business for 27 years Closes in 65% Black Baltimore Because of Unmentionable Epidemic of Black Crime

A city can recover from an atomic bomb.

But it cannot recover from losing its founding population and watching it demographically replaced with Africans (who are then responsible with running the city politically, spiritually, and economically).

This is the story of hundreds of cities across what is formerly the western world, from San Domingo to South Africa, from Detroit to... Baltimore.

In February of 2017, we learned one of the costs of doing business in 65 percent black Baltimore: Park Cafe in Bolton Hill was robbed five times at the end of 2016, so the owners made it a cashless establishment to deter black crime.

Roughly 100 years ago, Baltimore was nearly 90 percent white. Today, it's white population is roughly 25 percent, and with this decline comes the inevitable loss of tax-producing businesses. The reason why white people abandoned Baltimore? Black crime and the fear of being the victim of black criminality, which no mainstream reporter dare mention as the real reason behind the demise of Baltimore.  [Sports bar Camden Pub closes after more than 25 years, Baltimore Sun, 3-28-17]:
Camden Pub, a Ridgely’s Delight sports bar in walking distance from Oriole Park at Camden Yards, has closed, said owner James “Pat” Liberto. 
After opening in 1990, the bar became known for attracting sports fans, University of Maryland Medical Center staff and students, and other members of the community, along with its wings and pub fare. 
Though Liberto considered opening for the upcoming Orioles season, Camden Pub’s final day of operation was Feb. 1, he said. In January, Camden Pub opened for limited hours and eliminated its lunch service due to lack of business, according to Liberto. 
Calling it a “tough decision,” Liberto said a combination of factors — including declining revenue and rising operational costs — led to the closure.  
“It got to the point where I was opening on, say, a Monday, and I’m just trying to make enough money to open the next day,” Liberto said. “It finally hit me one day: What am I doing? I had to stop the bleeding.”  
As recently as 2014, Liberto was optimistic about Camden Pub’s future. Thanks in part to the Orioles’ American League East division crown and postseason run, Camden Pub had its best financial year to date, Liberto said. 
But in April 2015, the rioting and unrest that followed protests surrounding the death of Freddie Gray caused Camden Pub to lose $30,000 in potential revenue that week, Liberto said, and the bar never recovered. That October, he put Camden Pub up for sale, but it continued to operate.  
Though he blames “a lot of factors,” Liberto said, “things just started to change” after the unrest. Now, he believes “people are afraid to come into the city.” 

The City that Bleeds: Race, History, and the Death of Baltimore tells the story of why Baltimore died and dare point out why "people are afraid to come into the city."


Nothing more. Nothing less. 

Monday, March 27, 2017

His Name is Jamie Urton: White Man Dragged from Car, Shot to Death by Three Blacks In Cincinnati

Something terrible just happened in Cincinnati.

A white man, Jamie Urton, struck a 4-year-old child with his vehicle (who appeared to have walked in front of his car carelessly). 

What happens next is a reminder of the type of world only Africans in America can create. [Police ID man fatally shot after striking 4-year-old with car,, 3-26-17]:

Police have identified a man fatally shot moments after he struck a 4-year-old child with his car. 
Jamie Urton, 44, was shot and killed Friday afternoon. 
Cincinnati police said a 4-year-old boy was hit by a car on Kenton Street when he wandered into the path of Urton’s vehicle. 
Police say an altercation then took place when three people ran to the car and started assaulting Urton and the passenger. 
Urton was shot multiple times and died on the way to a hospital. 
Police say they were either dragged from the car or attacked outside the car after they exited. The passenger was not shot but suffered minor injuries related to the fight. 
Dorron Hunter is a community-outreach advocate for the Cincinnati Human Relations Commission. He said, “We're out here again, something awful has happened, but we're not going to stop. We’re going to tell them to stop the shooting, stop the killing, stop the violence.”
Jamie Urton was dragged out of his car, or attacked in his vehicle by three black people (who have yet to be identified and are still at large), beaten and shot to death. 

Urton, a white male, was only trying to help the young black child who wandered out in front of his car and was hit, when he was attacked in his car or dragged out of his car by three unidentified black males on the streets of Cincinnati. 

But don't worry: the black father of the young black child hit by Urton doesn't condone the black vigilante justice upon the white man, but hopes "we can all learn from this." [Dad of boy hit by car in Cincinnati didn’t condone driver’s fatal shooting,, 3-27-17]:
The father of a 4-year-old boy hit by a vehicle in Cincinnati said he doesn’t condone the subsequent slaying of the driver and is sorry for the man’s family. 
The driver, 44-year-old Jamie Urton, got out of his car after hitting the child around midday Friday and was repeatedly shot in a confrontation with onlookers in the Walnut Hills neighborhood, police said. 
Initial reports indicated the boy was struck while in or crossing the street, but his father, Jamal Killings, told WCPO-TV the child was at the curb. Killings said he had tried to stop the car for going too fast in a neighborhood full of playing kids, and it slowed down a bit but then swerved around him and struck the boy. 
Killings said he tended to his son, who suffered bleeding in his brain but is now out of the hospital, and he didn’t realize someone shot the driver. 
“My job as a father was to get my son face-first off the concrete and take him to see medical attention, and that’s what I did,” Killings said. 
He said that he doesn’t condone violence and that Urton’s shooting shouldn’t have happened. 
“It’s an unfortunate situation, unfortunate event, but I hope we all can learn from this,” Killings said.
Urton died at a hospital. Police said they were looking for several suspects.

Police have not made any arrests. The child sustained non-life-threatening injuries.
It's fitting the most popular movie for black people in America is titled Get Out, and is nothing more than an anti-white revenge fantasy film (ending in the murdering of white people).... one can only imagine how many times the three black males who pulled Urton out of his car yelled "get out" at him just before they shot him to death...

Saturday, March 25, 2017

White High School Teacher Fired Because He Tried to Make Black Student - who doesn't believe in USA - Stand for Pledge of Allegiance

It's a black world, now. Get used to it whitey. [Teacher fired after refusing to teach student who refused to stand for Pledge of Allegiance, The Blaze, 3-24-17]:
Vince Ziebarth — a driver’s education teacher at Eisenhower High School in suburban Chicago — issued an ultimatum to 15-year-old student Shemar Cooper: Start standing up during the Pledge of Allegiance or don’t take any more lessons in my car.“All I told him is that, based on his actions, he has a choice with his actions,” Ziebarth — known to his students as Mr. Z — told WBBM-TV. “I was exercising my right to make a choice as well.”Ziebarth told the Chicago Tribune he was fired on March 16. 
“I was given no options,” he told the paper, adding that he wasn’t tenured or under contract — and wasn’t given a specific reason for being fired. “Had the principal told me I had to allow Shemar in my car, I would have.” 
There are seven other driver’s education teachers that Cooper could have taken lessons with, Ziebarth told WBBM.While school officials have declined to comment, it appears Cooper’s mother, Kelley Porter Turner, may have played a role in Mr. Z’s fate. 
Turner told the Tribune that after hearing about Ziebarth’s ultimatum, she emailed a school administrator and asked her to “take care of it.”“She called me two days later and said he was going to be terminated,” Turner told the paper. 
“If my son didn’t say anything to me, [the teacher] would have continued — and that’s bullying,” she told the Tribune, adding that Ziebarth “violated my son’s First Amendment rights.”As for her son’s position on the pledge, Porter told WMAQ-TV that “he does not stand because Shemar does not believe in America. He says America is a very racist country, there is no freedom or love for black people.”It wasn’t the first time an Eisenhower teacher butted heads with Cooper over the pledge. 
Porter told WBBM after her son’s Spanish teacher insisted last fall that he stand for the pledge, Cooper replied that “America sucks,” and Porter made him apologize. 
But she added to the station that the Spanish teacher and other staff members began harassing her son and that the Spanish teacher tried to pull Cooper from his seat to stand for the pledge, then pulled him from class and reprimanded him. 
That teacher later was reprimanded, WBBM reported, adding that Turner insisted the teacher was suspended. 
“That first teacher should have been fired,” Turner told the Tribune. “That would send a message that you can’t get away with bullying my son.”She also told WBBM that Ziebarth should have known better: 
Why did he think he’s invincible, that he can harass my son? He got what he deserved. I’m not being mean, but think about it. September 2nd, when this whole incident originally started, the teacher was suspended. You know, they had to go through this humiliation, being embarrassed, being put on the news. The teachers should have learned their lessons then, you know? Don’t violate children’s rights. 
“One of the kids actually stood up in the classroom and yelled at Shemar, ‘You got Mr. Z fired!’ and he and my son got into a big argument,” Turner told WBBM. 
“So I’m just hoping it doesn’t escalate any further.”Ziebarth told the Tribune he had a private chat with Cooper in February about what the pledge means.“I told him I stand to honor the sacrifice and bravery of those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country,” Ziebarth told the paper, which noted that his grandfather was a World War II Marine and his uncle served in Vietnam. 
“It doesn’t mean America is perfect, or that we agree with everything going on.“We had an understanding,” he continued to the Tribune. “He was making a choice, and I was making a choice. His name never appeared on my sign-up sheet again, so I thought it was over.” 
In fact, Ziebarth told the paper that Cooper often “joked” about the issue with him after their talk, asking, “Hey, Mr. Z, am I going to ride with you today?” 
“I would say, ‘You know the answer,’ ” Ziebarth told the Tribune. 
“Shemar was absolutely pushing the issue.” petition to bring Ziebarth back to Eisenhower has almost 1,000 signatures as of Friday morning.“This is our time to stick up for him for all the times that he stuck up for us,” senior Jessica Belseth told WMAQ.
White people still don't understand they live in Black-Run America (BRA), where the sacrifices of their ancestors mean absolutely nothing to non-whites save providing rights and protection the Founding Fathers of the USA only intended for "white men of good character."

The reason? Because they wanted to protect their posterity with the "blessings of liberty" from the tyranny of a racial minority that men such as Thomas Jefferson knew would only bring about ruin to this nation if treated as our equal.